Logitech Webcam express

  Baslla321 18:59 20 Dec 2003

Windows XP Home Messenger 4.7 connot pick up my WebCam Express to enable me to use video with my contacts. The Windows messenger Audio tuning Wizard says,'Camera Error; The camera you selected is not working properly or in use by another program. Please click back & try again or select another different camera'. Well, I have only one webcam, it is also available with movie maker. I have been for many hours reading out different suggestions made by logitech on their support pages but with no luck....except a headache! So you are my last hope for a possible solution. Thanks.

  Lozzy 19:22 20 Dec 2003

Update messenger to 6.1 click here that will cure it

  Baslla321 10:19 21 Dec 2003

I have windows messenger not MSN messenger and I have the latest update. What if I also download MSN Mess, will they clash do u think?

  johnnyrocker 10:40 21 Dec 2003

not a problem with msn messenger or you could use yahoo even.


  Baslla321 10:50 21 Dec 2003

I tried Yahoo but got stuck because in registering yahoo asked for my postal code or zip code. I gave my postal code but it was not accepted. Wot is ZIP code anyway please?

  johnnyrocker 10:58 21 Dec 2003

zip code is united states postcodes try registering at yahoo .co.uk.


  Baslla321 15:58 23 Dec 2003

I have still not been able to find out why I cannot use video & audio contact on Win Messenger. I have joined DELL's Forum on this subject and also Microsoft support Windows Messenger Forum but no one came up with any positive remedy. It seems that this problem is experienced by many Dell Dimension 4600 owners and a remedy was given just for audio (not video) by installing updated Intel network Pro/100VE Card and /or unenabling QoS Packet in Network Connection. I tried updating my Card but it seems that I have the latest (V.7.0.260)I am not un enabling the QoS packet unless I was sure it would give me positive results. Any Help welcome.

  toni b 18:06 23 Dec 2003

I have msn messenger and originally had windows messenger I dont have a problem with them both installed on my xp laptop the only problem is if the other person whom you are trying to contact with has a lower version than the one you are using as you get an error message something like the person you are trying to contact does not have a verson of messenger that supports audio or something like that so why not try messenger 6.1 good luck
Regards Toni

  Baslla321 18:30 23 Dec 2003

THANKS I suspect that it will also crop up if I get MSN Messenger as I read some threads who tried it and still couldnt have video. I have installed Yahoo messenger and would like to try it with someone who also has it (send me particulars via email)The audio/video wizard of Yahoo has not informed me of any camera error, like windows messenger, so this problem seemsd to belong to Windows or MSN messenger.

  Baslla321 19:37 23 Dec 2003

Latest re above. Logitech suggests that I remove the WDM driver by going to Hardware Tab/Device manager/sound-video & game controllers/ Legacy Video Capture device/ Microsoft WDM Image Capture (win32) and remove this driver. Immediately I was told that 'This driver is required by the system. If you remove it your system may not work properly'. So I did not, as I have no idea what it does. Any suggestions please?

  Baslla321 16:35 31 Dec 2003

Re the above, I am still as before. The Messenger Tuning Wizard now confirms that my audio & video is OK. I have tried using Windows Messenger by un enabling Zone Alarm, XP firewall and Nortons antivirus. I still only get the voice from my contact and he cannot see or hear me. He has also XP, but not sure if it is MSN or windows.
I tried Yahoo but unfortunately I have no one with the same yahoo ID so that I could try it out.

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