logitech mx510 moves erratically

  Sean.f 18:23 13 Dec 2006

for some reason my mx510 mouse has started playing up, it will be working ok but then all of a sudden the pointer will start moving all over the screen opening up folders, if im playing games it is like some one else is in control, i have uninstalled the drives and reinstall to no avail.

  gudgulf 19:32 13 Dec 2006

have you tried a different mouse to rule out a foult with the mouse itself.

Try disconnecting then reconnecting the mouse.

Also try hovering the mouse in the corners of the screen to see if any program controls pop up......someone may have installed a prank program such as click here

  Sean.f 22:46 13 Dec 2006

the mouse is ok and no one else installs anything on the pc. I only had the problem since pc upgrade and now use xp pro. I have plugged the mouse in via the usb plug and ps/2 to no avail, i can play games for weeks no problem thaen all of a sudden ift will go mad, god knows what people wil think when im playing bf2 and just start to fire all over the place.

  vinnyT 13:06 14 Dec 2006

Have you installed the logitech sware for the mouse, if you have, [it has been suggested] it can cause this sort of prob. The only solution I have heard of, is uninstall it and use the basic MS mouse driver.

Hope this helps.

  birdface 13:26 14 Dec 2006

If you are using firefox, You may find something on here.

  birdface 13:53 14 Dec 2006

click here ,forgot to add it, sorry,

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