logitech MK320 wireless keyboard and mouse...no caps lock indicators!!!

  julius44 21:14 08 Jul 2012

Good evening to you all, i'm hoping that when i click on the "publish your thread" link..it wont say that this is spam, as i'm begiining to get mad about all these spam filters that are stopping LEGIT posts, when help is really needed.

Right now that ive got that off my chest. Here is my problem. I've just purchased a brand new logtitech MK320 keyboard, amd mouse, (both wireless)..and ive just noticed that there is no caps lock, or number lock indicator. The caps lock indicator is very essential and I thought that MOST keyboards nowadays have a caps lock indicaot as standard, any suggestions for this please?? is there any software that can be downloaded please??

many thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 08 Jul 2012

You can set windows to play a sound when caps lock on or off

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 08 Jul 2012

To turn on this option, first go to Control Panel and click on the Accessibility Options icon.

In the resulting screen check the box next to “Use Toggle Keys”, click OK and you are done.

Now every time you hit the caps lock key you will get a friendly beep notifying you it has been pressed.

  julius44 05:48 09 Jul 2012

many thanks for your help fruitbat, ive done as u advised and I now hear a noise like a beep when caps lock is on, and that will do for now. I still prefer the other way as It would show on screen. By yhe way can u please advice me of any logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combos that have on screen displays please?? So that I can actually see on my screen when caps lock, number lock, volume up show please. Prior to my MK320 I was using the logitech easycall skype which was absolutely amazing, and it had all the on screen dispalys etc but after about 4 years, some of the keys were no longer working, so i dumped it, lol. I would like something like that again, or a newer version, if u can advice me that would be much appreciated.

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