Logitech G15 keyboard problem

  Colonel Graham 16:16 13 Aug 2011

**I've posted on Logitech forum to no avail, so hoping the wise PCA people can help. I've had the G15 for a number of years. I bought a Logitech webcam and installed the software. All trace of the keyboard vanished off the computer. I have reinstalled it several times, but each time when I program a key, it carries out the action 2 and sometimes 3 times. For example, if it is a webpage, it will open on 3 tabs. I have uninstalled the webcam, run TweakNow RegCleaner 2011, even gone right through the Registry and deleted anything with Logitech in it. Still no luck. I can see it doing it: if I record a Macro of keystrokes, each one records as 1 down, 1 up, 1 down, 1 up. I don't want to spend £90 on a new keyboard, so any help is welcome.**

  Colonel Graham 16:18 13 Aug 2011

See, even the bold type and p

aragraphs don't work

  Woolwell 19:36 13 Aug 2011

It may help if you mentioned which OS.

  Colonel Graham 19:41 13 Aug 2011


  Woolwell 19:49 13 Aug 2011

Have in look in Control Panel - Hardware and Sound then Keyboard and then you can adjust the character repeat delays. This may work.

  rdave13 19:50 13 Aug 2011

I've never installed drivers for a keyboard whether Microsoft or Logitech or Cherry, etc. They seem to work using the generic drivers just as well. I'd uninstall the Webcam and keyboard drivers then reboot. Let windows install the keyboard. Now try installing the webcam drivers if needed.

  Colonel Graham 20:01 13 Aug 2011


That seems to have done the trick. I'll do extensive testing later. It never was a problem before.


Both devices have extended facilities that need software installing to work.

  rdave13 20:11 13 Aug 2011

Glad you're sorted.

  Colonel Graham 23:23 13 Aug 2011

Thanks both. Bit of fine tuning required, the backspacing has slowed to a crawl.

  Colonel Graham 10:39 14 Aug 2011

Sadly, the web page shortcuts are still opening 3 tabs.

  Colonel Graham 14:39 14 Aug 2011

Progress report.

Following advice from a neighbour, I've uninstalled the keyboard software, re-booted and looked in C:\Program Files for Logitech. There is a file of 11.5MB 'GamePanel Software'.

The plan is to delete this, but it says I need permission...

Watch this space.

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