Logitech Cordless Keyboard No Response

  thumbscrew 22:57 16 Oct 2014

Bit of a long shot but has anyone got a Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Keyboard? I have and it's just failed after a good few years of usage.Ok yesterday...dead today. I've tried everything, new batteries, sequence of buttons pressed correctly etc but no joy. Been on their website but it seems to consist of a series of pre-programmed amswers, none of which relate to a dead keyboard and there doesn't seem any way of contacting them directly. Anyone help?

  spuds 00:01 17 Oct 2014

When these sort of things happen, I tend to think of replacement more than anything else.

Is this contact information of any help - Logitech UK customer support click here

  thumbscrew 00:06 17 Oct 2014

Yeah spuds...hello again pal....probably a new one, just thought it may be worth a question. Thanks for the website, but tried that and you can't get through to them, just online questions and answers, none of which are relevant. Thanks again amigo.

  mole1944 06:14 17 Oct 2014

Is there a connect button on the base of the keyboard that needs pressing to connect it to your machine.

  thumbscrew 09:52 17 Oct 2014

Thank you Mole, yes I've pressed the connect button in tandem with the receiver but no response.

  thumbscrew 09:54 17 Oct 2014

Cheers Jock1e, there's no on/off button on the mouse, thanks for the link. I'm currently using an old corded mouse/keyboard.

  Ian in Northampton 11:29 17 Oct 2014

My mother's TV remote stopped working. In desperation, I thought I'd 're-boot' it by the simple method of removing the batteries, counting to ten, and replacing them. It worked! I wonder if that's worth trying here? You say you've tried new batteries, so perhaps not...

  thumbscrew 11:52 17 Oct 2014

Thanks Jock1e, how did you contact Logitech? Tried everything on their site, can't find an email address to contact them.

  thumbscrew 14:59 17 Oct 2014

Thanks Jock, no drivers for the keyboard or mouse, they're automatically found when you connect.

  spuds 15:08 17 Oct 2014

Is there a chance that you might something on the Logitech forum?. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 17 Oct 2014
  1. Uninstall the USB hubs and the HID device in device manager

  2. reboot and let windows reinstall the USB ports and Hid device drivers

  3. recheck your keyboard.

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