Logitech cordless...

  nick_j007 22:36 22 Aug 2003

My rather nice, new MX 700 is up and running with no problems, but tell me, will it be better in my USB then my PS/2? The PS/2 is preferable for me as I only have two USB slots on my laptop.

Anyone out there do any gaming with theirs such as MOH? I think I will still have to use the keyboard for movement as well right?

Many thanks as always, Nick Jones

  Blitzer 23:06 22 Aug 2003

I have one of these mice on each of my two machines. I really like mine, they look good, cordless, optical and the batteries running out is just not an issue. :)

As for the USB Vs PS/2 question - I'm not sure but doesn't it have to use the USB port in order to supply power to the charger/receiver station? =-s

I do use mine for gaming, but TBH it's not as good as my previous cordless Logitech mouse that had a ball rather than being optical. Personally I think the other benefits of the mouse are worth the trade-off and I suppose I could switch back to the old maouse for gaming if I really wanted to.

Hope this has helped. :)

  whybe 00:43 23 Aug 2003

I've got a Logitech Optical cordless trackball, the receiver although having a USB plug had a converter to PS/2. My instructions recommended that it be connected to PS/2 which was a good job as I couldn't get it to work via USB.

  nick_j007 08:52 23 Aug 2003

So it will stay in PS/2 then. I just thought I might lose some speed and responsivity via PS/2.
Blitzer...it works fine either way so PS/2 must be powering it too.
Nowhere does it 'recommend' for me to do this, but like you say whybe it's just as well given my lack of USB's.

Thanks, Nick

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