logitech cam and msn messenger problem

  gumtree 02:46 04 Dec 2005

Hi, I'm having problems using my microphone on my Logitech 8.0 cam and msn messenger. I have gone through the setup procedure and set the recording device as camera and playback as ESS Audiodrive. But when i test the hardware, even though it seems to record, when I playback i get a loud screeching noise.
When I record a video through Logitech software it all works fine. And I can receive voice messages from other people using msn messenger.

i would appreciate any info anyone has.

  johnnyrocker 10:28 04 Dec 2005

msn messenger is very flaky on voice i use yahoo for voice and msn for vision works a treat.


  DieSse 11:27 04 Dec 2005

I never have problems of any kind with voice or vision with MSN Messenger - and I use it frequently.

Is the microphone incorporated in the camera, or a seperate headset? ow is it connected to the PC - via USB or via the soundcard?

  gumtree 09:26 05 Dec 2005

well im not sure how i did it but it seems to be working but badly. i am using the mike from the cam as the pc/monitor one i think is worse. Its connected by USB. I downloaded the cam driver again which may have made it work, i dont know.
But its not clear at either end.
Is it better to use a separate mike with msn voice? (and not use the cam or pc mikes). I have thought of combining yahoo and msn but havent got around to that.

  DieSse 09:34 05 Dec 2005

A headset (earphones + mic) produces the best results. You can get very inexpensive ones, or for better quality a comfort I use a Logitech US one.

As a bonus it's good enough to listen to music in good quality, without disturbing anyone.

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