Logitech 650 cordless mouse and key board

  tonyx1302 18:19 28 Apr 2007

I have just brought the above k/board and mouse but I cannot get the hotkeys or the 'F' keys to work. It didn't come with any software just a basic plug and use type instructions and I have tried the Logitech website/support but nothing is listed.
My main concern is that I cannot start in safe mode if ever needed as F8 etc doesn't work along with my home,email and the rest of the hotkeys/F keys.
Has any other member the same board/mouse and could throw some light on a solution please.


  birdface 19:10 28 Apr 2007

Have you looked in Device manager to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks beside any of your drivers.

  tonyx1302 19:20 28 Apr 2007

Yes tried that buteman but evidently from other old posts from members with simular problems, the k/b and mouse don't need a driver


  birdface 19:34 28 Apr 2007

Have you went into Control Panel.Keyboard,Hardware.And pressed troubleshoot.

  birdface 19:49 28 Apr 2007

Sorry i have never had a cordless keyboard so cant offer the advice that you are seeking,If nobody is able to help try the Logitech forum,click here have been lots of problems with Logitech Wireless Keyboards but that was after we upgraded to IE7,If I can find any of the other threads I will post them on here for you to have a look at.

  tonyx1302 19:59 28 Apr 2007

Thank you buteman and just going to check out your post re. Logitech forum. Hopefully there may be something there


  Technotiger 20:05 28 Apr 2007

Hi, You say you have just bought it, so I would take it back/return it, for a replacement that works properly. Unless of course it was a used item.

  birdface 20:10 28 Apr 2007

Sorry unable to find any problems with Logitech, Went back 10 pages and nothing there,Forum just got up-graded to-day and I am sure we were able to go back a lot further than that before,

  tonyx1302 20:14 28 Apr 2007

Hi Technotiger. Yes I have just brought it from a local(ish)comp. shop and I will return it on Monday morning but was a bit concerned that I was not doing something correctly but after checking with butemans logitech forum site suggestion, there seems to be problems with Logitech cordless.
By no means is it top of the range ...£25 and very basic, but am disappointed with the performance of crucial keys.


  tonyx1302 20:18 28 Apr 2007

As a p.s. to my last post, can anyone a recommend a cordless k/b and mouse other than the Logitech so I am fore armed before returning this on Monday. Budget £40 with just basic keyboard andmouse needs with no gaming requirements


  Technotiger 20:21 28 Apr 2007

It should definitely work without drivers. Have you got new batteries in it? Also make sure that the keyboard is quite close to the sender unit, I know it is supposed to work at a distance of 6ft, but it does really need to be closer than that.

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