logitec web cam

  dwhiteley 22:49 23 Jun 2007

my web cam wont work as it says its being used by anouther aplication but i cant find what using it as it works when u first put on pc

  dwhiteley 23:00 23 Jun 2007

no its not running the onoly one that is the normal system idle process

  Stuartli 23:05 23 Jun 2007

Does the webcam's configuration allow you to set the webcam as the Default device.

If you have other imaging devices on your system they may have been set as the Default.

  dwhiteley 23:09 23 Jun 2007

there is no option to do that plus i have also no imaging devices only all in 1 printer that is turned off

  dwhiteley 23:21 23 Jun 2007

ok thanks very much

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