login problem

  Astrid 08:34 06 Feb 2010

My OS is Windows XP SP3 and my computer has no virus and no other particular problem. I find that, though I can log in to any other account, bank, google mail, anything at all, I can't log in to LBC, which I currently have an account for, which they agree is up to date, having recently paid (for podcast service). When I click on log in nothing at all happens, though I can easily get the Register page. I get a message at the bottom of the screen saying Javascript: show_login_popup (). I've mailed LBC but their reply simply said I had an account. Is there any known reason why this is happening?

  birdface 08:41 06 Feb 2010

LBC A few of them on Google.
Maybe add a click here with their home page.

  Astrid 08:53 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for your response.
Their home page is click here

  birdface 09:18 06 Feb 2010

What browser do you use.And do you have Java Script disabled for any reason.

  Astrid 10:35 06 Feb 2010

I use Chrome browser but I've also tried logging in with IE 8, but neither method works, as yet

  birdface 11:11 06 Feb 2010

You can open the home page but it will not let you sign in.
I tried Listening to the radio but got java script is turned off.But I do have it turned of in IE8.
Just wondering if you can still play the music or if you get the same result as me.
Have you tried rebooting the computer just to see if it makes any difference.
Could really do with some more advice from others.

  Astrid 11:34 06 Feb 2010

I can listen live, and can also listen to the few free podcasts, but when I need to login for the paid one's I can't. I can also register as a new customer, but of course then I have to pay the sub again, not a lot, but why should I, as they only took my most recent payment a fortnight ago. I've sent two complaints, but replies not here yet. I thought it must be something to do with javascript, but I uninstalled and installed again yesterday. However, I think this is the source of the problem, just don't know how to fix.

  lotvic 11:50 06 Feb 2010

I can listen to it Live no problem.
I can also listen to a Podcast
I just had them both on at the same time - Had both live radio and podcast playing.
I do not have an account with them but when I click on Login I get the Sign In page to put my details in.

  lotvic 11:53 06 Feb 2010

Do you have access to another pc that you can try it on?

  birdface 11:53 06 Feb 2010

I thought maybe it was a cookie problem but as you can log on to the home page I cannot see it being that.
Maybe try it with your Firewall switched off I can't see it being that but worth a try I suppose.
Maybe try forgotten your Password and see if maybe the password has been changed when they send a reminder.
Like yourself running out of ideas.

  Astrid 12:46 06 Feb 2010

I've just downloaded Firefox in an attempt to see if the same thing happens. In the errors console I see there are many, i.e. the following:
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'margin-top'. Declaration dropped.
Source File: click here
Line: 2247

Warning: Unknown property '-moz-outline'. Declaration dropped.
Source File: click here
Line: 2540

Warning: Expected declaration but found '*'. Skipped to next declaration.
Source File: click here
Line: 181

and so on - there are literally dozens. Is this my computer? Or is it something connected with the LBC web site?

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