Login & password nag screen

  Joe G 19:22 31 Jan 2010

Every so often I get a red rectangle on the screen telling me that my login & password has changed and there is two spaces to enter these and cancel & Ok buttons. I always cancel or close the box as I assume it is malware but does anyone know what it is? There is no logo in the red box.

I am running Vista on a Toshiba laptop with Avira and Malwarebytes installed both of which I have run and they have not picked this up.

Thanks for any help

  Joe G 19:41 01 Feb 2010

Just got this screen again - anyone any ideas what it may be?

  [DELETED] 19:45 01 Feb 2010

post a screenshot, it might help, Joe G.

  Joe G 19:55 01 Feb 2010

Thanks Maj - I'll do that next time it happens but can you telll me how to get the screenshot - not done that before - cheers

  [DELETED] 20:22 01 Feb 2010

When it happens again, press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard. That will take an image of the screen and save it in the Clipboard. Open any graphics program, Paint for example, and go to Edit > Paste. That will paste the image into the graphics program. Save it (File > Save as) with an apt name to your desktop. Then go to click here and upload the image, then post the link, that Imageshack supplies, to the image, in your next reply.

  Joe G 21:59 01 Feb 2010

Thanks very much for that - really useful

Here (hopefully) is the link to the screenshot

click here

  [DELETED] 22:20 01 Feb 2010

I don't recognise the dialog offhand, Joe G, but I notice that you have Windows Mail and your data drive opened. Is it possible that Windows Mail is trying to check for emails? Is it possible that your data drive needs a password?
Start Task Manager (right-click on the Taskbar > Task Manager) and see if you can narrow down the name of the dialog, either under the Applications tab or the Processes tab.

  Joe G 22:52 01 Feb 2010

Thanks for that - had a look through the Processes but as I don't know what many of them are it was hard to see if anything was running that shouldn't be. The data drive isn't password protected. I woud have thought if it was a legit operation it would have some recognisable logo on the login splash panel?

  lotvic 00:56 02 Feb 2010

It seems to relate to whatever Forum you have open in IE - at bottom of your screenshot you have IE open and it says 'Forums - Login & P....'

  Joe G 22:31 02 Feb 2010

Thanks for that - thought it may be a clue but then realised the forum I had open was this one and it was showing the minimised tab was showing the title of this thread!

Any more suggestions?

  Joe G 23:29 02 Feb 2010

C:\ProgramData\sysReserve.ini (Malware.Trace) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Could be the problem?

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