Logi_MwX.exe - No Disk?

  david-233692 07:39 14 Sep 2003

Can anyone help to resolve or even explain the following problem: On booting up the Desktop comes in (frozen) and with this dialouge box; [Logi_MwX.exe - No Disk There is no Disk in the Drive Please insert a Disk into the Drive
\Device\Harddisk\DR12] I am unable to proceed any further and am forced to reboot. Any Help or advice appreciated.

  mark500 07:56 14 Sep 2003

Background task which is part of Logitech?s MouseWare utilities and seen primarily after installing the software for Logitech?s cordless optical mice. This process, which is started on Windows boot-up, detects the exact Logitech mouse that you have, and then configures and launches EM_EXEC which provides support for all the non-standard mouse buttons.

  DieSse 09:27 14 Sep 2003

You can get all and every bit of Logitech drivers you need from the logitech site. They are often updated, so it's a good idea to get the latest anyway - as well, it may solve your problem.

  DieSse 09:29 14 Sep 2003

To get into Widows - try starting in Safe Mode. then you may be able to delete the current drivers and get a working system.

  david-233692 09:40 14 Sep 2003

Does anyone think it is a problem with drivers. To update drivers, do i download updated drivers to the programme folder or where. I would be grateful if some kind person could give me step-by-step instructions. i should add that when i reboot the message does not appear, but it is a bit hit and mis at the moment.

  MAJ 09:52 14 Sep 2003

The drivers will come in one of two flavours, dvddave, either a .exe file, which you just double click to install. Or, a .zip file which you put into a new folder (on your desktop for example), unzip in that folder, then go to Device Manager, double click the entry for your mouse, go to the Drivers tab and choose "Update Driver". Then point the wizard to look in the new folder you have just created and un-zipped the files into. Windows will do the rest.

  MAJ 13:39 14 Sep 2003

"Thanks for you input. have downloaded drivers to folder on desktop, do i uninstall old drivers first and then install new?
Many thanks"

Some do require that the old drivers are uninstalled, some don't, dvddave. Check in the driver files you've just downloaded, there might be a "Readme" text file that will give instructions for installing those particular drivers. If there is no readme file then just go to Device Manager > Mouse Properties > Driver tab and use the "Update Driver" option.

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