logik LDVR78 dvd recorder

  rgtyfhr 07:15 13 Feb 2012

I have a Logik ldvr78 dvd recorder connected to a tv by scart lead. I have followed all the instructions in the user manual for recording from a tv program to a blank DVD+RW but all I get on screen is a message at the top confirming the setup followed by a clock counting down which gives the impression that the machine is recording but it isn't In the middle of the screen is a message saying "NO SIGNAL". can someone help please

  KRONOS the First 07:34 13 Feb 2012

Does it have two scary sockets? And if so have you got it plugged in to the correct one?

  eedcam 08:54 13 Feb 2012

What are you trying to record from the TV or has the recorder a built in tuner . If from the tv then as said perhaps only one of your scarts outputs audio/video or you need to select in the TV menu which one to use. then the recorder has to be set to something like AV1 or 2 If it is from abuilt in tuner on the recorder then it should record what its tuned into

  eedcam 09:07 13 Feb 2012

OK just looked at the specs for your recorder and its got no tuner and only one scart so I would guess ther is nothing to set up recorder wise . So check ou what has been said Re the tv. also make sure you have a fully wired scart lead as some are one way only

  rgtyfhr 14:04 13 Feb 2012

OK I'll have a look at these suggestions can't do it until weekend though, will let you know bytheway I don't know but I think I have made a pretty basic error I haven't fed the aerial through the recorder again ccn't test this at the moment, thanks a lot for your help

  Ian in Northampton 15:11 13 Feb 2012

Chronus: yeah, some of those sockets can be pretty scary... ;-)

  Terry Brown 15:31 13 Feb 2012

For your setup you need to do the following:-

For a standard (non-digital) input

Co-ax to DVD recorder( in) Co-ax from DVD to TV (out) Set the recorder to record the channel

For a digital box (Digibox /Sky/Virgin etc

As above plus scart cable from the digital box (video out) to the recorder. You may need a scart splitter (One feed in -Two feed out) available from Pound shops, if so plug the splitter into the DVD recorder, the feed in (from Digital outlet) to splitter and the splitter scart outlet out to TV

Set the recorder to AV1 or DV setting.


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