Logging In Problems

  BlackSapphire 11:26 14 Jun 2010

Last Tuesday I tried to log in to my computer and got a grey screen telling me that as a software or hardware installation had caused the problem or the computer was not shut down corectly Windows could not start properly and I had to choose to start up from the last known configuration. Windows then started ok. Since then it has got worse, right up until today where this happens:-
1. Try Logging In
2. Computer tries to boot up then enters sleep mode, the box is still working but the screen shuts down.
3. I reboot
4 I'm taken to the last known configuration screen again.
5 Computer does not close down but gives me the last known configuration screen again, then again for a 3rd time and again for a 4th time.
6. The sign in screen appears and goes into sleep mode again. Box working - screen off.
6. Reboot again, no configuration screen this time just signs on like it did before last Tuesday.

I have not downloaded anything which could cause this, my caches are cleared regularly, adware and spyware removed with new scans, no viruses found. I run Windows XP, IE 8 and I'm with AOL. The only thing which has happened differently for me has been a huge update from microsoft when shutting down. I've also tried using a restore point from before Tuesday but it fails to do that saying the restore could not be completed.

I'm stumped so anyone know what's wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

  birdface 11:46 14 Jun 2010

Try in safe mode.just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts,
Then try a system restore to a date before the updates.
If that works you can download the updates manually one at a time till you find the one giving the problem.

  BlackSapphire 12:07 14 Jun 2010

Hi, I'll try the F8 thing. Can't use restore points as every one I try the computer refuses to use. I keep getting told that the restore point was unable to complete. It's doing my head in as logging onn used to be so simple.

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