Logging in to PC Advisor.

  SukeyV 12:04 29 Nov 2003

I cannot login to the PC Advisor site. It steadfastly states that either my e mail address or password is incorrect. Neither of them are incorrect and I have checked for the correct password which, indeed, was what I was using. How do I get over this problem? To get this far I have had to register my wife and get to this stage of asking the question. Other wise I cannot enter the site.


  denchris 12:59 29 Nov 2003

Goto `update your details` at the top of this page ...

  Djohn 13:01 29 Nov 2003

Have you changed your username or any other details recently?

  Stuartli 13:40 29 Nov 2003

Try deleting your cookies and seeing if that cures it - also check that you have allowed First and Third Party cookies (I prefer to block the latter) and make your own choice of allowing/blocking Session cookies.

  SukeyV 13:43 29 Nov 2003

Denchris & Djohn
It is not this address that has the problem. I can't get into my own details to change because I can't log in. As I said I am now talking to you as some one else! Not the name that cannot log in, if thats makes sense!
Djohn, I had to reinstall IE6 because there was a small anomaly with the BBc home page which I use as my Home page, but the problem there seems to have repaired itself anyway. I have also reinstalled Norton Antivirus because of a problem there of the DUN coming up on startup. This has also been resolved. So everything on the machine is working fine, and I can get any page I want on the internet, but cannot log in to PC Advisor under my own name.


  SukeyV 13:52 29 Nov 2003

I've tried that and still it wont accept my logging in. It will accept SukeyV fine but not my own.



  Djohn 13:55 29 Nov 2003

OK, go to the home page of PCA, [probably the only one you can get to at the moment], you'll see your internet address and password in the two boxes. Under the Password box you will see a "Remind Me" link, click on that and an email will be sent to you with password reminder of the one you used initially to log in.

If this does not help in any way, use the name you are logging in with at the moment and click on the "Contact Moderator" button, [Top left of page] FE will sort it for you. j.

  [email protected]@m 13:55 29 Nov 2003

Can you change SukeyV to TonyV?

  SukeyV 14:17 29 Nov 2003

I've already been in to the Check details to get the password confirmed. It confirms what I already knew. But I will now try the second option you suggest.

[email protected]@m

The names seem to be inextricably linked to e mail addresses aklready in the PCA Database.

Thanks anyway


  SukeyV 21:11 29 Nov 2003

I assume the link you refer to is "Contact the Forum Editor"? I cannot see a button labelled "Contact Moderator". What sort of time scale can be expected for a reply? I have, in fact, contacted the FE through this system this evening.

  wee eddie 21:48 29 Nov 2003

I eventually remembered that I had changeD from Lower to Upper Case and back again, for part of the password

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