On logging on the only option is to log off

  Rodz 11:31 12 Aug 2008

I have a wireless laptop and run XP Pro.
I was not useing the machine myself but this is what seems to have happened.
animated gif was put into google and click here logged onto, clicked onto animals and onto dog on page 2, there is an animated picture of a bull terrier wagging it`s tail with a file number hombenny4 eO.gif/10k
This was clicked and saved.
This is where it all went wrong. I am not sure but I think what happened next was a warning flashed on screen that the PC was under attack and to run the on screen virus check immediately, I think this was clicked.
I tried to run McAfee but it would not run. I then ran superantispy, this ran and picked up several viruses but it would not let me remove them saying that if I clicked to remove them it would replace sound files with corrupted files.
I did nothing and closed the PC down and rebooted.
This is where it gets worse.
Whether in ordinary or safe or best last configeration I cannot log onto my laptop successfully. All I get is the welcome screen with the user name in the little square and the only option on screen is to log off which you can do only to reboot and get the same screen again.
I can`t begin to hopefully sort out the laptop until I can successfully log in.
Kind regards

  recap 12:49 12 Aug 2008

If the system is connected to the Internet I would suggest disconnecting and trying to run it in Safe Mode. Then the antivirus program may be able to remove the viruses.

  Rodz 15:58 12 Aug 2008

Thanks for that.

  Rodz 16:18 12 Aug 2008

Sorry for being thick recap.
Do I dissconect through the router.
Thanks Rodz

  recap 16:20 12 Aug 2008

Either from the Router or from the back of the system.

  Rodz 16:54 12 Aug 2008

Did exactly what you said recap but still get the same result.

  recap 19:34 12 Aug 2008

Connect the system back to the Internet then click here and run the online scan.

click here and download spybot S&D and do a full system scan.

  Rodz 20:00 12 Aug 2008

I can`t access windows.
I have spybot and others but can`t run them because unable to get into my PC.
If I could get to my desktop shortcuts I could run them but I can`t.
Hope I am making sense.

  PC Bilbo 17:54 13 Aug 2008

Start in Safe Mode by pressing F8 as system boots up & try a system restore to a date before the problem occurred.If this gets you into normal desktop, download Malwarebytes scanner from click here & run scan.

  Rodz 21:39 13 Aug 2008

Thanks PC Bilbo,
Will have a go at that.

  Rodz 14:21 14 Aug 2008

Thanks guys.
Got my tame IT expert coming to guide me though some of the options this weekend.
Will report back.
Thanks again

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