Logging into the internet

  watteneer 20:11 19 Dec 2013

If I leave my computer unattended for longer than 1 hour without switching off, and try to log into the internet again it fails to logon when trying after about 2 minutes states there are no problems after I reboot every thing works ok I find this annoying as don't want to switch of computer I am using BT Yahoo Win 7 64bit

Have tried BT but and get someone from india which I am finding problems as I am a bit deaf hop anyone van help Thank you

  Ian in Northampton 20:19 19 Dec 2013

Are you using a wired or a wireless connection?

  watteneer 07:26 20 Dec 2013

Yes wired Peter

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:15 20 Dec 2013

go into Device manager

select your ethernet device (card)

right click - select properties - power management tab - make sure allow computer to turn off... is unticked - click OK

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