Logging into Facebook from different locations

  p;3 20:00 05 Jul 2010

I am assuming that this forum has many members who live in various far flung parts of the world

Those who travel long distances might be Facebook users ; do you have any problems when you try to log in when you use Facebook in very different lcoations, such as different countries

(I am also wondering just how far Facebook will let you 'move' from your Primary location ( where you first Registered)to a different lcoation before it thinks it is not you logging in.....)

  johnnyrocker 20:01 05 Jul 2010

not a computer question then?


  p;3 20:03 05 Jul 2010

A helful reply would be better

it is a computer question but a 'different type' of question

do you have an answer to give me?

  OTT_B 20:23 05 Jul 2010


It makes no odds to facebook where in the world you are, is the simple answer.

The login depends on the information you enter at the login screen, not your current geographic location.

  Dipso 21:05 05 Jul 2010

I have recently been to Turkey, not exactly far flung but...I logged into my Facebook account using my netbook and the hotel's wifi connection. The first time I tried I was asked some questions along the lines of "is this not your usual location", I answered "no" and was then granted access to my account.

Re: "A helful reply would be better", I haven't visited this forum in a long time because of these "unhelpful" replies and see things haven't changed much...:(

  Dipso 21:10 05 Jul 2010

To add, I also logged into my account when in Cuba last year. It was via a dial-up connection and painfully slow, but I did manage to gain access so I don't think there should be a problem with the distance from home.

  Woolwell 21:14 05 Jul 2010

OTT_B's answer is correct. It's the same for most sites. You can log in to PCA from around the world. BBC iplayer is different though.

I've logged into Facebook on my desktop, laptop and mobile phone from many different locations. Sometimes a problem arises getting a decent connection to the internet.

  Sea Urchin 21:17 05 Jul 2010

That's the whole point of the World Wide Web - you can access any site from anywhere in the world. And Facebook is no different to any other site.

  p;3 10:36 14 Jul 2010


As I am 'learning' on this, apparent problem, Facebook seems to require you to verify who you are if you do try to log in from a vastly different location to that which is the norm for you

So, maybe we were all a bit 'wrong'.

You can get to the URL but to log into it may give you some 'problems ' with any security questions they deem to ask you ...

  DANZIG 11:03 14 Jul 2010

I logged into my account from Spain at the airport and it asked me a few security questions then let me in with no problem.

Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I got a warning from Facebook that my account had been attempted to be accessed from somewhere in America.

Just changed my password and security questions after that.

  Sea Urchin 11:51 14 Jul 2010

I don't understand why you should have "problems" with answering a few security questions to establish you are the genuine holder of the account.

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