Logged in 3000 times!

  ton 23:00 02 Nov 2003

This is my 3000th visit to the site.

I think it must be one of my favourites!!

  sil_ver 23:10 02 Nov 2003

I think you need to get out more :-)

  Marky_Bhoy 23:11 02 Nov 2003

hope you can solve my problem then!

  cottager 23:31 02 Nov 2003

Are there prizes or medals going for this amount of visits?;-))

  Forum Editor 00:20 03 Nov 2003

there are many forum members with over 3000 logins - some with a lot more. The total number of logins can be slightly misleading because some people log in and out of the forum many times a day. Others login once, and stay connected for long periods - obviously those with a broadband connection.

Nevertheless, to have made 3000 visits ranks you among our most regular visitors ton, so congratulations are definitely in order. I guess you must like it here.

  ton 00:37 03 Nov 2003

Thanks FE, yes I must like it here. I've gained a lot from these visits as when I first logged on I didn't know much about my PC at all, and was very nervous about it failing to start etc.

Since that first visit I've learnt enough to build my own PC and multi-boot with 5 OS's.
No worries now about failing to start!

So a big thanks to FE and all who post.

  powerless 00:41 03 Nov 2003

Logged in: 3,827 times

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