Log in screen problem-Please help??

  buel 20:43 28 Oct 2008

Hi, please can anyone help me? On my pc i get to the Log in screen then it logs off and restarts and i cant get it to safe mode because it locks the keyboard!! Any ideas would be great please??

  skidzy 20:50 28 Oct 2008

What os and do you have the os cd or dvd ?

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  Jollyjohn 20:55 28 Oct 2008

How does it lock the keyboard? What connection does the keyboard use?

  buel 21:01 28 Oct 2008

Hi there, it is vista and no i dont have the original cd/dvd im afraid...

  buel 21:01 28 Oct 2008

The keyboard is connected via usb cable and when i say it is locked i mean i cannot get into safe mode!

  skidzy 21:03 28 Oct 2008

Did you create a recovery disc when you first got the computer ?

What make and model computer.

You might be lucky with a restore/recovery partition.

Try tapping F10 or F11 on startup.

Have you tried a different keyboard ?

  skidzy 21:04 28 Oct 2008

Buel can you explain ,can you access safemode screen ?

  buel 21:09 28 Oct 2008

Hi Skidzy, let me get back to you regarding the make and model, i cannot access safemode unfortunately...

  skidzy 21:13 28 Oct 2008

I have seen this problem before and was due to a shut down error.
Remove the keyboard from the tower and fire up the computer and then plug the keyboard in again.

This may result in a forced shutdown..... lets see what happens.

  woodchip 21:31 28 Oct 2008

You need to use a wired PS2 Keyboard to check BIOS settings On USB Legacy to make sure that it is enabled

  buel 18:42 30 Oct 2008

Hi there, sorry for the confusion with this, the pc problem is actually a friend's and im trying to help him remotely(if you see what i mean), ok here we go: It is an XP operation system and Skidzy's idea about unplugging the keyboard worked and my friend did get to safe mode but couldn't go any further...

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