log in problems still happening

  KEITH 1955 11:11 10 Nov 2018

I asked this question a long time ago but never to a working answer. I log into this site to ask or answer a question but before I click POST I copy the text I have typed. This is because I can be asked up to 4 times to log in , I sometimes get my account page come up and get asked to confirm my password. Whats really annoying is that I paste the text into a blank word document because even though I have "copied" the text box is empty when I try to paste.

Even when I have successfully done a posting the same thing will happen on my next posting.

Please note I use both google chrome and edge , I have not altered any browser settings and this never used to happen , it is really annoying because I spend a lot of time on here.

  Govan1x 12:33 10 Nov 2018

MJS WARLORD. I have the same problems as yourself. If you have an add blocker switch it of and see if you stay signed in. My culprit is usually AdGuard.

but I would rather not be able to sign in than put up with all the adds. So basically I use one browser for browsing etc. And use the other one for sign in etc.

  Forum Editor 13:08 10 Nov 2018

If you clear your cookie cache you will need to login again.

Repeated requests to login will happen if you don't have our cookie set.

I have investigated - I installed an ad-blocker in both Chrome and Firefox and logged into the site. I made sure that I ticked the 'remember me' box when I logged in. I then closed the browsers and opened our site in both of them. It worked perfectly - I was logged in with no problem.

I have made several posts - this one included - and everything worked smoothly. I opened and closed the browsers between posts, just to be sure and I was logged in automatically each time.

I think that you need to review your browser settings - make sure it is set to accept our cookie. If you clear the cookie cache on your machine you'll have to log in again.

  KEITH 1955 13:24 10 Nov 2018

thanks FE I do have my browsers set to clear everything including cookies on closure , I also have ccleaner set to delete cookies as well , btw Kaspersky has a built in add blocker. I think my best option would be to untick clear cookies on closure in my browser and let ccleaner do it when I run it once a week.

  wee eddie 13:47 10 Nov 2018

MJS: - That's what I do

  Forum Editor 10:04 17 Nov 2018

"I do have my browsers set to clear everything including cookies on closure"

There's your answer. Unless you have our authentication cookie you'll have to log in all over again each time you visit our site.

Cookies have acquired a largely undeserved reputation. They are just simple text files, and cannot harm your computer but the myth persists. Some people even believe (wrongly) that all cookies are malware. They can be used as a form of spyware in some situations, but that doesn't apply to us - all our cookie does is recognise your computer and open the virtual door for you.

Tracking cookies can be annoying, and if you don't like them you can stop them in your browser.

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