Log in password for my Microsoft Word Account ?

  Antonio Machado 22:05 18 Jun 2010

Hello experts !

I have long time working with Microsoft Word, having hundreds of files and documents with tons of information. As I am the only one who uses my p.c. I have not need a password to all my files. But in a few weeks they will come a lot of relatives and of course they will use this p.c. so I was wondering how could I set up a "log in password" so to keep my privacy and being myself the only one with access to all these MSW documents ? thanks in advance for your help, best, Antonio.

  lotvic 22:31 18 Jun 2010

Only way for complete peace of mind:
Do not leave a copy of your Documents on the pc's HDD.

Get a USB external HDD and put all your documents onto it.
Check that they are 'safe and sound' and open okay from the ext HDD.

Make another separate copy of them just in case of mishaps.

Make an Image of your pc's HDD using Acronis or similar and store it on the external HDD.
Then if they mess up your pc you can restore it to how it was before they arrived.

Disconnect the ext HDD and lock it up somewhere safe.

Or/also you could restore the Image you made to a new internal HDD (then you will know image restore works ok) and remove your original HDD and lock it up with the ext HDD.

Boot the pc up with the new internal HDD and let them use that. Then if it gets virus or spyware infected you can just wipe it and restore again from your Acronis Image and pc will be up and running in minutes complete with all settings.

After they have gone home you can put your HDD and documents back on your pc and have no worries about messed up settings and viruses and spyware etc.

  northumbria61 22:57 18 Jun 2010

Do you really not trust your own relatives ?

  lotvic 00:50 19 Jun 2010

Relatives can be very mischievous or careless I don't trust mine not to muck up my pc, so they are banned from it.
I have another pc that they can use, so no prob.

Have a son who is in IT and now when he's coming I swap my HDD to my spare as he tends to 'tidy' pc up for me. It used to take me ages to get it back to how I liked it.....

  Antonio Machado 01:02 19 Jun 2010

Hello my friends: thanks for making time to help me. I do apreciatte the suggestions made by Lotvic, I have already a backup of all my files. But still I'd love to have a "login password" so I can come and use my p.c. every moment and they can do the same without having to backup my files constantly. My worries are more focused in restricting the access to the hundreds of files I have in Microsoft Word, most probably there is a way to do it. Do you know the steps to get it ? Thanks again to all of you. Best, Antonio.

  tullie 04:51 19 Jun 2010

Would it not work having a password protected account,and let them use a guest account,would the main users files still be accesable?

  Antonio Machado 10:24 19 Jun 2010

Hello tullie: thanks for making time to help me. When you say "having a password protected account" you mean a Windows Account? that would be a great option. Actually I have already three or four accounts with different passwords. Let's see what the other guys think and suggest about it. Let's see what they answer to you question regarding to the access to the Microsoft Word files from other accounts. Thanks to everybody, isn't this a great and helpful community? Best, Antonio.

  lotvic 10:36 19 Jun 2010

Maybe create a 'Guest' account and try it out on your pc to see what can be accessed?

  bremner 10:41 19 Jun 2010

Download Truecrypt click here create a volume and put all your documents in there.

As others have said ALWAYS ALWAYS have important data backed up on another storage medium.

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