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Log out user - W2003 server

  recap 16:15 30 Nov 2007

Using a Windows 2003 server with DC.

Is there a way of logging out a user without third party software through the DC?

  recap 16:58 01 Dec 2007

Sorry Beta, I should have explained more. I would like to log out a user while they are logged on. Is this possible?

I thought that the log-on hours option in the user account was to provide a log on period and once logged in this option would not log them off?

  recap 19:28 01 Dec 2007

Thanks ßeta, I know what you mean by the GP. What I would like to be able to do is log a user off before their log on hours expiry time. I have a user that will not log off when asked. Our centre closes on the half of the hour and W03 log on hours are not incremental. I would like to be able to log him off from the server at any time.

We used to have a third party software that would do this. We are a small charity and can no longer afford this software. I was hoping that W03 server would be able to do this.

  recap 13:09 02 Dec 2007

Thanks again ßeta, I will give that a go, it does look like what I am after.

  recap 14:42 03 Dec 2007

Thanks ßeta.

  recap 20:37 05 Dec 2007

Thanks again ßeta got it working.

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