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  Nazzarenu Boy 09:34 19 Jul 2006

Could you connect two computers in a network. And when you start them up, when you come to the Windows Xp welcome screen you have the users of both computer so that you can log on what computer you want, with one screen. Is this possible? Because a friend of mine wishes to make it, and when he went to the computer shop nearby cause his computer wanted reparing. When he went for it, he asked to computer man and the computer man told him that it is possible , but it is a rather complicated bit. Could anyone say me if it is possible?? And if anyone knows how to give me a guide.

  Minkey1 12:25 19 Jul 2006

I think this goes well beyond normal drive/folder sharing. Ordinarily if the machines are already set up in a network you can choose to share files and folders (and complete drives, subject to a warning from MS) but you'd boot a machine up as normal then go to My Network Places and navigate to the particular shared folder or whatever.

If the two PC's are connected to a monitor with dual inputs you could switch the screen between each PC but I think you are talking about complete PC's being networked and choosing which computer to log in to. I don't know whether this is possible but with luck someone can advise you definitively.

  Nazzarenu Boy 14:25 19 Jul 2006

hope that someone will advise me.. yes i am speaking of << talking about complete PC's being networked and choosing which computer to log in to. >>

  FelixTCat 16:37 19 Jul 2006

I have never heard of this being done with pcs (but that doesn't necessarily mean anything). It sounds more like something you would do with this clients.

What is quite easy to do, particularly with a broadband connection, is to be able to operate one computer from another as if you are sitting at its keyboard and screen.

There are some commercial programs that can do this, eg pcAnywhere and there may be some freeware ones, but I use a tremendous program called LogMeIn (see click here

The free version allows you to control another pc on your network or across the internet - it doesn't need to know its IP address. File transfers require the paid-for version, but across the internet I use email for small files and on my own network, I just transfer them via shared folders.

I am just a very satisfied user.



  FelixTCat 16:56 19 Jul 2006

"It sounds more like something you would do with this clients."

Oops, I meant THIN clients.



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