Log on Nitemare!!!!!!!

  Cooter 14:53 03 Nov 2003

Hi folks! i am having a nitemare since my pc decided to prompt me for usernames and passwords every time i logon. you would think typing my username and password or even unticking the option that says something like "prompt users for names and passwords when looging on" would solve this but XP,as many know,has a mind of its own! to get access to my front screen i now have to tick the option in user accounts that says use welcome screen instead of using username/password window.amazingly the username/password still appears briefly and then "windows sarting up" covers the screen, but for about 10 minutes! then it returns to the username/password window which i then click "ok" on then it loads my settings. so to start and logon my pc at the mo takes about 15 minutes. HELP PLEASE!!!

  Chegs ? 15:00 03 Nov 2003

password prompt bugging me.

It might work for you too.

1. Go to Start > Run and in the Open: box type control userpasswords2 2. Select the Advanced tab in the User Accounts window 3. Press the Advanced button below the Advanced user management header 4. Select Users in the Local Users and Groups 5. In the right pane, right-click the user name for which you want to change the setting, and select Properties 6. On the General tab, check Password never expires 7. Click Apply and OK (all the way out)

  Cooter 15:04 03 Nov 2003

thanx chegs but i am getting as far as user groups (no:4 instruction o your advice) and it shows i the right hand panel a big red cross and explains that this option is not available with xp.

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