Log on to mail by laptop/tablet denide

  SparkyJack 17:01 03 Sep 2014

this person having discarded an ancient desktop for a laptop found that they need to log onto the mail accounts denided and told to log on via desktop first.

this a gmail and BTyahoo

She has hsd cosiderable trouble with her BT account and have had 2 hub5 installed and been connectet to Infinity.

she can surf very well on the machines but both mail accounts remain closed to her.

your tthoughts please.

  Woolwell 17:24 03 Sep 2014

Are you sure that log in via desktop wasn't log in via browser eg webmail first?

Which email client is she using?

  Woolwell 17:26 03 Sep 2014

What's the OS on the laptop?

  SparkyJack 19:07 03 Sep 2014

Thanks Wool well

Uses webmail in each case, no 'client installed

O/S. Ubuntu 12 Won't go better as all current distros are64 bit This lap pie an ancient QToshiba Sattelite 32 bit I resurrected for her.

  Woolwell 20:02 03 Sep 2014

Suspect that if using webmail then the password is incorrect. Upper/lower case problems?

  SparkyJack 21:20 03 Sep 2014

I suspect the same' her trouble is every time there is a glitch she changes it'l I also wondered if the bthub5 may be has a part to play.

Can a router or ISP tell desktop from portable?

  Woolwell 21:58 03 Sep 2014

I very much that the bthib5 has any part in it nor should be there any difference between desktop and laptop. The ISP has an IP address and will not know precisely what is on the other end.

This seems to me to be more like finger trouble or password forgetting.

  SparkyJack 07:28 04 Sep 2014

I suspect she will have get on thevphonecto BT to get the password issue sorted,which she has had to do previously it seems.

  Jollyjohn 11:55 04 Sep 2014

BT is having issues with passwords at present due to the migration of accounts from Yahoo to BT Mail. Complicated by the fact BT want customers to have a BT ID, which can be their eMail address.

In one case the password for the eMail address and the BT ID synchronised to the same despite being set different but a month later for another customer this would not happen!!

Check the BT profile and ensure there is a mobile number then reset the password yourself, a pin is sent to the mobile, and the reset is instant, saves talking to BT helpline.

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