locking up and crashing

  tranceman 11:55 06 Aug 2003

i am currently using xp home with a asus P4S533-MX motherboard cpu is a intel celeron 2000, and 768mb of ram, also a SOUNDMAX soundcard,and SiS 615 video card. When i try to copy to cd i have a couple of media players and NERO 6 and still keeps on locking up then crashing taking the desk top with it then when it has rebooted half of the items on the desk top are missing. Can i do anything to sort it or should i take it to shop to get them to fix it because i am not a computer wizz kid buy any stretch of the imagination all help will be most grateful.

  Jester2K II 12:01 06 Aug 2003

Can you just clarify the middle bit...

"When i try to copy to cd i have a couple of media players and NERO 6 and still keeps on locking up "

Can so you try to copy WHAT to a CD using WHAT program?

What exactly happens?

Any error messages??

What is the CD Writer model?

Is this a recent problem or since the CD Writer was installed/?

  tranceman 11:30 07 Aug 2003

i have got the windows media player9
and real 1 media player and it is when i try to do any recording .i have done some checks on whether there are any conflicts with my cd-rw but it says that everything is ok.
i have tried to use all three of these for putting pictures on cd , vcd's, and backing up some of my downloads. i am now thinking that there is something wrong with my recorder. i hope that helps to explain my prob.thanx

  Chegs ® 11:55 07 Aug 2003

Although you have plenty of RAM installed,the symptoms you describe DO sound like a Memory problem(or heat somewhere)

  tranceman 15:23 07 Aug 2003

i have just done a system restore from when i know it all worked ok and now i'm about to try it ,if it does'nt work then i think i might have to buy another cd-rw and hope that works
if i get it to work i'll let you know .

  tranceman 12:27 08 Aug 2003

i want to thank Chegs + Jester2k 11 for there response and to say i did a restore and everything is now working ok i think it might have been a glitch with a program RAM DEF. so i have not put that back in and it's stopped locking up .

  Jester2K II 12:31 08 Aug 2003

RAM DEF will be Ok on your PC but you should turn it off before burning. As the memory is used up whilst trying to burn RAM DEF will interfere and try to clear the RAM hence the crash.

Reinstall it you like but look for an option to close the program and make sure it is closed before burning.

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