Locker needed

  tervy 14:44 14 Feb 2015

I recently found outthis dude has been borrowin my pc to access wifi at my college illegally and his able to access the college system.Guys can u help with the software for locking my net drives or sumthing so that he wont be able to access the net using the same machine

  mole1944 14:50 14 Feb 2015

Please dear god write in English,not get me you know what i mean in english we read.

  rdave13 14:53 14 Feb 2015

Can you not put a different log in password on your computer?

  bumpkin 17:23 14 Feb 2015

Well said mole

  bumpkin 17:27 14 Feb 2015

if u know what i mean man u got the drift

  lotvic 17:44 14 Feb 2015

hey man don't let the dude be borrowin yr pc enymor

  wee eddie 17:46 14 Feb 2015

Look folks, it's not his fault that he's illiterate. However it is his fault that he's leaving his laptop without any Security.

If he must leave his Lappy, turned on and unattended, I would suggest a Password Protected Screen Saver

  bumpkin 18:01 14 Feb 2015

I doubt if he is illiterate, just thinks it is "cool" to use "speak"

  bumpkin 18:05 14 Feb 2015

tervy, to put it in plain English, it is bloody obvious what to do which it to put a password on it.

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