locked out netgear password

  boosh 17:21 15 Jan 2006

recently a friend installed a netgear DG834G router to my system for wireless networking. Everything was going well till i discovered my encryption is off and i read about WEP and WPA-PSK encryption and now im totally confused, to top it all i have just locked myself out of my netgear settings password. Can anyone help.?

p.s. this is my first post


  bremner 17:27 15 Jan 2006

user = admin

password = password

  boosh 17:39 15 Jan 2006

thanks bremner,

foolishly i changed my password as instructed by site and now it says contact administrator. But where?

  bremner 17:41 15 Jan 2006

Administrator is you!!

  bremner 17:42 15 Jan 2006

This might help click here

  Softstag 18:11 15 Jan 2006

You can usually reset the router by pressing a switch on the back. It usually requires a small pointed object to push. This will reset all the settings, so you will need to login with the default username and password and configure it all again.

  boosh 18:20 15 Jan 2006

thanks for your help. going to try the reset.

  bremner 18:31 15 Jan 2006

The reset button only performs an effective reboot it will have no effect of by passing the password.

  Softstag 18:32 15 Jan 2006

It should remove the password and set all the settings to default.

  bremner 18:34 15 Jan 2006

I would be extremely disappointed in a company that provided a 'reset' button that allowed anyone to remove all my security settings simply at the push of a button!!!!!!!!!!

  bremner 18:35 15 Jan 2006

but you may be right - and if so that's Netgear off my list.

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