Locked out of my laptop

  Evan_F 12:13 05 Apr 2003

I downloaded (Jammer) from PC World; (downloads
utilites and then security.) All went well with the setup and the restart. BUT, after I shut it
down and restarted it later, all I could type in
the password box were ????? marks, know matter what key I pressed.
Can anyone help? (?)
Helpless Again

  recap 13:29 05 Apr 2003

Can you boot it up in Safe Mode, Evan_F? This may allow you to uninstall the software.

  Evan_F 05:33 09 Apr 2003

I'm still locked out of my lap top even in safe mode. I can get into safe mode but I can't open
anything but menus. When I click on anything a box comes up and tells me "I can't do that and to see my system administrator". I thought that was me??? Recap, do you have any other suggestions?
Or anyone else for that matter. I've got some real important stuff I need to get to and I'll freakkkkkk if I have to reformatt.
Also, it doesnt ask for a password in safe mode it just won't let any thing open.

  fitshase 11:32 09 Apr 2003

When you say you can't type anything into the password box but "????? marks", which password box is it?

Have you set a password on anything?

Does a ? appear when you press any key? If so, the ????? marks may just be replacing the ****** of a normal password box.

Hope this helps



  recap 19:54 10 Apr 2003

Evan_F, sorry for not replying earlier. If your Jammer software is produced by Agnitum here is their support email address: [email protected]

Hope they can help you?

  cycoze 11:18 11 Apr 2003

Jammer Author:Homer P. Lee ? 774kb for Windows 9.x, Windows 2000?

If so , i just downloaded this program and installed it on to a test machine running Win98SE , to test it .

The default setting on the program does not have a password , you just hit the "enter" key on your keyboard , and you have access. If anything is typed into the password box , its as Fitshase says , "a ? appear when you press any key? If so, the ????? marks may just be replacing the ****** of a normal password box".

Once a password is set , you need to type it in the box and hit the "enter" key to gain access.

I have just set full security options with a password and re-booted the machine , entered into `safe mode` hit the `start` button then went `programs` scrolled to `Jammer` and selected the Uninstall option , the program threw up a box with `Install logs` highlighted , i hit the `ok` button and it uninstalled.

The Machine was re-booted and let me straight onto the desktop .

If you had not set a password , try leaving the box empty and hit `enter` .

What Operating System are you using ?

  cycoze 16:35 11 Apr 2003

Since posting i have rechecked the settings of Jammer , i`m afraid i had been a little to quick , i had opted for the maximum settings , but the auto had already been selected , my mistake .

Tried as above to uninstall via safe mode , and it worked again , however , trying it on the maximum , it produced the same effect that your getting , my Apologies .

I can only suggest as above if you did not set a password , just hit the `enter` key while the box is empty , again dont worry about the ?`s when you type , the letters/numbers are going in , remember if you used caps/lower case to do so again.

  Evan_F 10:07 16 Apr 2003

All I did was hit enter and I was in. How simple is that?? Thanks for your help.

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