Locked out of laptop after reset

  pat2068 00:49 07 Feb 2019

I have had to reset my windows laptop but there is another username and password that I don’t know it was meet to be new can anyone help me get it working it’s windo 10

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 07 Feb 2019

how did you reset it?

  pat2068 13:29 07 Feb 2019

I took to back to manufactures settings and when ir restarted it asked for other username and password it shouldn’t have a other user it was new done it is settings

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:43 07 Feb 2019

Where did you get it from, make and model? and how old?

if it is out of guarantee then the best option is to download and make the win 10 boot media from MS and do a clean install then download the drivers from the manufacturer's web site

  pat2068 17:30 07 Feb 2019

Dell inspiron and there is no warranty left is that the only way I can fix it as have no idea how to do it

  KEITH 1955 18:02 07 Feb 2019

To repeat fruit bats question exactly how did you do what you are calling a reset , if done correctly you should have got warnings to say you are about to loose everything.

If you restored windows only that could be why it is asking for user names and passwords , if you did what is know as a full factory reset it should be just as the day you bought it ( never used ) , if you are not sure what you did then another clue to doing a full factory reset is you should have seen screens asking you to agree to Microsoft terms and conditions , the biggest clue to if you did do a full factory reset is that you should have seen all the pre-installed software get re-installed.

The wording in different pc's restoration software differs but look for a folder that contains a recovery module.

Save all docs and photos etc because done correctly a full reset WILL wipe out everything

  pat2068 18:11 07 Feb 2019

I went into settings and reset it back to manu settings i done this before on another laptop and when windows started it was my picture and asked for password I thought this would be the same but when windows came back with other user name and password there shouldn’t have another user don’t know what to do

  KEITH 1955 18:31 07 Feb 2019

Hi pat , I have never done re-install windows only but as I say that could be why you are been asked for passwords , as I say in my previous posting when doing a full factory reset it should be as the day you bought it , that's the whole point of doing it.

Maybe somebody who has done a re-install of windows only can tell you what you should or should not see when you do what you have done .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 07 Feb 2019
  Govan1x 07:38 08 Feb 2019

I reset my laptop about a month ago and had the exact same problem. it did not recognise my password.

I could not fix it till i remembered that I used a pin code on it before resetting it. So when trying to sign in the next time it said sign in using a different password and i entered the pin code and it worked. Now if you do the same and enter your old password that may work.

  pat2068 10:57 08 Feb 2019

Mine is different it wasn’t a username and password which I don’t know it must of been the seller that put it there and he won’t answer any emails

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