Locked Out of Computer

  RegScriv 21:45 04 Aug 2013

After a Norton Internet Security update, a friend has found that he is locked out of his computer. When starting the computer and entering his log-on password he gets the message that the password in incorrect. He has tried entering F12 & setup to get to his backup partition but the same thing happens. He has a boot disk which he accessed through F12 & setup and he gets the same symptoms; he is asked for a password which he enters and received a message telling him he has the wrong password. Is there a way of bypassing the log-on password in some way? Has anyone any idea what may be the cause & cure?

  rdave13 22:05 04 Aug 2013

Ask your friend if he can get to safe mode. Usually tapping continuously on F8 key (could be F5 key) on boot up. Files will then be showing as loading but eventually you should come to the advanced startup options screen. Select safe mode and log in. If successful use systen restore. If that is also successful then in normal mode stop Norton from updating. Report to Norton what has happened.

  RegScriv 09:22 05 Aug 2013

Thanks for your response guys.

He has managed to get into Safe Mode and to get to System Restore but System Restore didn't work. Sounds like he's got a more serious problem. He's on Windows 7.

Now he's thinking of taking it to PC World.

  john bunyan 09:49 05 Aug 2013

My grand daughter had a similar problem recently. In the end it turned out that a virus or malware had hi jacked the password. I found a local "expert" who could get in and correct it - not sure how. I think somehow he created another user account.

  Jollyjohn 11:42 05 Aug 2013

Try this click here boot from the cd and choose the unlock admin account option.

  hiwatt 13:41 05 Aug 2013

As Jock1e said run run malwarebytes in safe mode.Choose safe mode with networking and update it and run a full scan.Also go to start/and enter msconfig.Under the start up tab see if there is any dubious start up entries and untick anything he doesn't recognize!

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