Location of saved files in Word

  hawthorn59 21:59 02 Jun 2004

Hi All

I save my files (say, words of songs etc) in My Documents/1My Docs/Lyrics. I want Word, when I go to save as..., to go straight to that location. I found the place where you set this default (I forget where now!) but it made no difference.

Any way of not having to click 4 or 5 times to save a file?



  THE TERMINATOR 22:08 02 Jun 2004

Right click the word shortcut and from the resulting menu, choose properties. Click on the shortcut tab and in the box named, start in: type the location where you would like to save your files and they will be saved in that folder by default. Hope this helps.

  ventanas 22:08 02 Jun 2004

Tools\Options\File Locations tab, click modify and browse to where you want to save.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:09 02 Jun 2004

In addition to the above don't forget to click on apply

  hawthorn59 05:11 03 Jun 2004

I had already done this, but it doesnt work.
When I select 'save as' it automatically brings me to 'Desktop' first and I have to click on from there!

When setting this default, there was no 'apply' button; just 'ok'.


  Tog 07:15 03 Jun 2004

Are you sure you had "documents" highlighted when you changed the location. I've just changed it on mine with no probs.

  hawthorn59 15:51 03 Jun 2004

I have solved the problem, I think. When I find lyrics of a song I want on the net, I copy it and paste into a word blank page. But this blank page is one I have on my Desktop, called Blank A4 (original..!). So it seems when I 'save as' it is saving to the original location of the file ie desktop.

I tried doing it to a NEW word doc and it saved it straight to mydocuments/1mydocs/. Then I saved a NEW word doc as a blank page (with margins as i need them etc) to the location I want, and sent a shortcut to desktop. Seems to work.

I would have thought though, when I was using 'save as' i was in fact creating a new document, and it should have saved to the desired location. Anyway, it works this way now!

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