LocateMyLaptop tracking software

  andy63walsh 07:39 09 Mar 2012

I put this on my desktop thinking great idea, free also. But every time I switch my pc on it wants me to log in every time, it is a pain, don't want it any more. I went to add remove programs, but you can't do it there, any ideas?

  birdface 07:57 09 Mar 2012

If you have C Cleaner see if you can uninstall it from that.Or download Revo uninstaller and remove it using that.

  birdface 08:03 09 Mar 2012

Ignore last I have read that it does not show up in revo uninstaller.So give that a miss.

  birdface 08:07 09 Mar 2012
  andy63walsh 11:04 09 Mar 2012

still no luck

  Confab 13:06 09 Mar 2012

Have a read here


  Confab 13:07 09 Mar 2012

You might need to copy and paste the whole link

  Sea Urchin 13:41 09 Mar 2012

Copy and paste - you would need to add in the underscores before and after LML to make it work - that's why the link went wrong

Here's the correct link

locate my laptop

  Confab 16:41 09 Mar 2012

Thanks Sea Urchin

Strangely I did copy and past the link but it came out without the underscores for some reason. Maybe because I didn’t use the “insert hyperlink” option.

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