Localhoast ???

  52MikeH 22:41 07 Aug 2005

Help !
I have noticed recently that my internet connection is always busy even when I have the browser closed.Having checked the activity long in Norton I have the following connections logged - Localhoast 1636 to localhoast 1025,Localhoast 1639 to Localhoast 1025 and also redirected Localhoast 1025 from 1639 and the list goes on !!
Can anyone tell me what this is about ??


  DieSse 01:05 08 Aug 2005

Do you have filesharing programs running?

  52MikeH 07:18 08 Aug 2005

No not that I am aware of.

  Graham ® 08:32 08 Aug 2005

I think the localhost is just that - it's Windows talking to itself. If you're on cable, the activity you see may be the modems handshaking.

  Graham ® 08:38 08 Aug 2005

If you want to view active connections, go to Command Prompt in Accessories, 'netstats -an', Enter.

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