"local profile files cannot be stored"

  rsturbo 13:34 19 Apr 2003

am using xp home, when i start pc the above message appears, all my personal settings have been removed (background picture on desktop, i have to key in my username in aol, msn, etc.), does anybody know whats happening?
thanks for any help

  Big Elf 13:54 19 Apr 2003

I've looked on MS Knowledge Base but can't get a direct hit for that message. It appears that your profile e.g. username, desktop settings are stored in ntuser.dat and I wonder if this is corrupt. Do you have system restore enabled? If so it might be worth trying.

Also I wonder whether creating another user account with full admin rights (so that you can see your data) would fix it.

  rsturbo 14:01 19 Apr 2003

thats the trouble with a new os it takes a while to build up users knowledge of its bugs/faults/foibles etc. be nice of ms to publish a list of know faults in a list as well as their kb so we could browse

  Big Elf 14:11 19 Apr 2003

The list would probably be a squillion pages long.

Let me know if you fix it and how.

  powerless 14:22 19 Apr 2003

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok"

Now look at the 3 logs for ERRORS. Click the log that says error and have a look at the info. It may say exactly what you see when you get the message at startup.

Within that log click the link (if there is one) and it will take you to the MS website for a description of the problem and hopefully a possible fix.

Failing that...

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok" have your XP CD in the drive when you do this. This will put right any damaged files.

Also run Check Disk for physical damage on the drive (i very much much doubt this is the problem but its worth checking).

  rsturbo 02:15 21 Apr 2003

did as Powerless instructed first, the event log indicated a large amount of disk errors ("the disk may have damaged clusters"), then carried out scandisk or should say chkdsk, it reported a bad cluster error in a file that contained myname~ntuser.dat so Big Elf you were on the button! and with the help of powerless problem solved.
once again thanks to you both for the input.

  powerless 02:45 21 Apr 2003

oo so there was damage on the drive.

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