blackpat 08:41 24 Jun 2006

When looking at my Norton security "connections" list. I see my computer name and when I connected etc. But I also see a "local host" connection, that says things like "redirected connections etc." What is "local host" and should I be concerned about it?
Thanks in anticipation,

  Taff™ 08:45 24 Jun 2006

Is the address for Local Host ? If so it`s nothing to worry about - its your Hosts file and should be OK

  mgmcc 08:48 24 Jun 2006

The "Local Host" is your own computer and the local host IP address is

References to it are unlikely to be a cause for concern. Some AntiVirus programs change the POP3 server address in your email program to, to redirect the traffic to your own computer so that it can be virus checked.

  blackpat 19:34 24 Jun 2006

Thanks Taff & MGMCC. Looking down the connection list address column, All the ones with my computer name on, "Fred" (not real name) has the numbers of my IP address, but the ones with the local hosts doen't have a address , meaning no numbers or anything. On the details box at the bottom, it says: da-bjp-base-(1643)this is not the real number, but it is set out in this way. Is there any place else where I can find the local host addy?
Thanks again,

  mgmcc 22:32 24 Jun 2006

I really don't know what you are trying to find or what it is that you are concerned about. Local Host is your own computer. All connections to the Local Host are to your own computer. If it does have an IP address, which it won't necessarily have, the address will be

  blackpat 06:18 25 Jun 2006

mgmcc, many thanks for putting my mind at rest. I thought that I may have had a spy on my computer, trying to connect. I'm much obliged to you,
regards, Blackpat7

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