local home networking by CAT 5 cable connection

  Bigleo 16:41 20 May 2003

Looking for some help regarding setting up a small home network group - 2 or 3 computers - initially starting with just two so no hub needed using CAT or Null modem cable. One computer running on win xp home and the other on win 2000. Problem is that the win 2000 computer only wants to set up a dial up connection and will not accept the network setup wizard on a 3.5 floppy as made by xp. Can any one point me in the right direction ? Would anything by trying to use my USB ports ?

  graham√ 16:48 20 May 2003

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  graham√ 17:44 20 May 2003

Please use the 'Add a new response' facility. I know nothing about networking at this level, just had the link to hand. There are people who will be able to help you, but do not use the envelope at the side of the names unless asked, as this will send a private Email.

  keith-236785 17:59 20 May 2003

just one thing to consider, you say "you are starting with just two computers so no need for a hub" You will need a LAN card in each pc,

For a simple two pc network you will need CROSSOVER cat5 cable.

if you are going to link 3 computers then you will need a HUB & STRAIGHT PATCH cables,

best for you to decide before you start because you dont really want to have to buy and route two sets of cables. hope this helps get you started

  Legolas 18:59 20 May 2003

paperman27 is right if there is a chance that you are going to be networking more than two computers you are better getting a router and straight through cable. The advantage of a router is that you can share your internet connection on your computers without the main computer being switched on. I originally had two computers networked together without a hub or router and used xover cable then I decided to use a router and had to buy straight through, so it is best too decide now.

  Legolas 19:01 20 May 2003

Just to point out that if you buy a hub without a WAN port you will not be able to share your Internet connection.

  Bigleo 19:09 20 May 2003

I have the cable fitted up and the pc's communicate but its a software problem that is bugging me - i have sharing set up - no passwords - its only me here - I have given the network a common name - I have given each pc it own name but I still cannot get to see the other pc and the files I want to pass across. I need a Fools paper with a blow by blow procedure for getting the two pc's to actually see each other.

  keith-236785 19:36 20 May 2003

Have you set your network on your Firewall as a Trusted site?
something as simple as the firewall can prevent sharing.

try disabling the firewall and see if you can see the other computer, if so then look at the settings on your firewall (if you are using the built in firewall in WinXP then unfortunately you do not have any Options, its either on or off.

Zone Alarm is free and works for me but even this caused me a headache for a few weeks till i (blushing) read the help files lol. if this is no good, post back and we will try something else.

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