Local Disk C

  DÕ DÕ 11:42 31 Mar 2006

Each time I boot up, the "Local Disk C " drive appears on my desk top.If I minimise I would have two " Local Disk C " drives appearing on my desk top so its a matter of closing the latter.This is very irritating, how can I stop this happening again.
Your help please.
NB: My system is WindowsXP Pro

  mattyc_92 12:31 31 Mar 2006

You mean the c: drive opens when you log into the system?

Look in the folder "Startup" from the "Start->All Programs" list. Is there a shortcut to the c: drive here?

  martjc 12:45 31 Mar 2006

Click [Start], [Run]. Type msconfig.
When Config prog starts, click the Startup tab.
Look for a link to C:. If you find one, uncheck it.

You need to re-boot and may need to tell MSconfig not to start up again.

Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

  DÕ DÕ 11:37 19 Apr 2006

When I shut down I get the following message "Frag~exe DLL installation failed".what is it and how can I clear it permanently.There was one occassion when it didn't happen.
Thank you

  ACOLYTE 12:13 19 Apr 2006

I had a quick google search and it was not very informative,but most sites seem to link to this
Frag~exe.DLL as some sort of malware/hijacker,i can seem to find any removal instructions that specifically deal with this file,have you ran any malware/virus scan's?.This search was based on the way you wrote "Frag~exe DLL" if it doesnt appear like that then it may not be malware at all.

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