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  jdb 10:38 29 Dec 2009

A friend's Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, OS=Vista, cannot access the internet via his Netgear Wireless Router. He gets to the Router but has "Local" connection only. HOWEVER, my laptop accesses his router straight away AND his laptop accesses my router at home OK as well!
This seems to have occurred after having a problem with his Wireless Printer as he could access the internet before.
From my limited knowledge of this aspect and from reading several forums it would seem his laptop is not getting an IP address from his router. Comparing his settings with my laptop connected to his router mine shows an IPv4 address but his shows as "local".
Having accessed his router the settings look fine (otherwise mine wouldn't work properly) and there is no Mac address filtering set up. All settings are set to provide IP and DHCP addresses automatically.
Any advice on this would be gratefully received.
Thank you

  User-1229748 13:27 29 Dec 2009

are his wireless card settings set up to obtain ip address automatically?network connections-right click and properties-internet protocol version 4 -properties

  T0SH 15:25 29 Dec 2009

If Vista (is setting or has been set to) clasify his wireless router as a public network then a local only connection can often be the result, you can reset it as a home network, you will have to dig around in the networking settings to find the correct place to do this though, I can`t remember the location

Cheers HC

  jdb 20:31 29 Dec 2009

Smackheadz and Tosh, many thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I'm seeing my friend this evening and will get back accordingly.
Thanks again

  jdb 19:33 30 Dec 2009

Well, I got to my friends and he had 'phoned the Post Office (his ISP) and eventually they told him to reset his Router. This he did and IT WORKED!!
So, I've no idea what the cause of the problem but all is now OK so we're none the wiser except, put "resetting the Router" as one of the basics before moving on to the technical bits!
Thanks anyway.

  n4165si 13:09 03 Jan 2010

My options when right clicking on any of my local area or 1394 connections when attempting to install my netgear router are to disable only ,i do not see the option to Remove from Bridge ,would this be the same?

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