Local area connection and wireless networking prob

  ado5 14:06 11 Aug 2006

Facts: desktop: apple mac
Laptop: sony vaio Windows xp
Adsl router: Dlink DSL G604T
IPS: Talktalk broadband

Problem: Mac connected via ethernet cable to router: No problem.
Sony viao connected via buit-in wireless adapter. Problem.

Showing in all connections panel is as follows:
Internet Gateway:local area connection: connected on DSL-G604t(Status=614.4kbps?) This is like dial up, but I only have broadband.
Lan: 1394 connection 2 (Connected Firewalled)
Local Area Connection (Network unplugged)
Wireless Network Connection(Connected,Firewalled) Status =24.0MBps.(2MB)

Why have I got two separate connections and also why does Innternet Explorer not work. I have used the fix winsockfix several times and it works for a time but then goes off. The strange thing is I use the laptop at work on the cisco network and I have no problems. Is this other Local area connection causing the problem.
Any help would be appreciated

  FelixTCat 14:36 11 Aug 2006


The connections shown are:

1. Lan: 1394 connection 2 (Connected Firewalled) - Firewire ports

2. Local Area Connection (Network unplugged) - Ethernet port

3. Wireless Network Connection(Connected,Firewalled) Status =24.0MBps.(2MB) - Wireless network

Look in the system tray for the wireless network icon and double-click on it. Click on the Support tab.

If you have a working wireless connection you will have an IP address assigned by DHCP and a Default Gateway address - the IP address of the router.

If you haven't got a default gateway address, your firewall may be blocking access. Open the firewall to your LAN address range (e.g. - starting with the router's IP address.



  ade.h 14:37 11 Aug 2006

click here

"Is this other Local area connection causing the problem?"

Quite probably, if you used any of XP's network wizards at any time.

  ado5 15:28 11 Aug 2006

Thanks Felix
I have checked the wireless icon and I have a default gateway address etc,so everything is ok, but I still have both icons showing and no internet access, except on my mac desktop.

  FelixTCat 15:42 11 Aug 2006


Can you log into the router from the laptop using the default gateway address?

It isn't unusual to have both icons showing - if you don't like it, go to Control Panel - Network Connections and go to the Properties of each connection; untick the "Show icon in notification area when connected" box.



  ado5 15:51 11 Aug 2006

I can log in without any problem, but clicking on ie no joy.

Simple but effective, icon has gone although still there in the background. however, why is it showing 614kp etc Many thanks.

  FelixTCat 16:41 11 Aug 2006


Sorry to be a bit dim, but I don't quite understand "I can log in without any problem, but clicking on ie no joy".

I presume that you are logging in to the router with IE? You can get to the setup pages?

Is there anything in the settings pages, either under firewall or routing (static or dynamic) that is directing the internet ports, e.g. port 80, away from the laptop?

Try turning off the route's firewall for a moment. Can you now access the internet?



  Strawballs 17:13 11 Aug 2006

Have you got any encryption set up on the router if so have you set up same on laptop. It won't be a problem to Mac as it is connected by wire.

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