Local Area Connection - Limited or no connectivity

  jamesy74 09:31 17 Jun 2005

Hi hope someone can help please.

Switched my pc on last nightand I couldn't connect to the internet, opened my network connections and the the message above appeared.

Telephoned NTL tech services and they done a test with my ip address it it came up ok, they said it was a problem with my network card.

I'm curretly running xp home with sp2. I've had this problem before and I corrected it. The reason I had this problem before was I upgraded to SP2 from SP1. I rectified this be rolling back to SP1. Since then I had another problem with my PC and had to do a fresh install, the disc I used came complete with SP2.

I've done a system restore but no luck with this.

  mattyc_92 09:39 17 Jun 2005

You need a "patch"... Your ISP normally has it... Just go to their member's area and search for something like "WinXP SP2 Patch" and download and install the patch. You will need to restart your system for it to take effect.

  jamesy74 10:28 17 Jun 2005


Will this solve the problem then?

You would have thought NTL Tech Services would have told me this.

Why do you think it all of a sudden stopped to work, do you know of anything that would have triggered it.

  mattyc_92 10:31 17 Jun 2005

It does relove it for me and most of my mates.... It is SP2 that is the problem.... I don't know what SP2 actually does to create this problem, but a simple patch should reslove it.

  mattyc_92 10:35 17 Jun 2005

click here - More info from another forum

click here - SHOULD reslove it

  Taff36 10:37 17 Jun 2005

That`s the answer mattyc_92. Had to do exactly the same with an AOL account a fortnight ago.

  Strawballs 11:37 17 Jun 2005

If you are using a set top box try unplugging it for 10 seconds to let the box reboot itself it works for me when I get that message not sure if it is the same with cable modem

  Joe R 11:44 17 Jun 2005


I too have a cable modem, and used to get this problem, when i disabled my local area connection.

If you right click on your local area connection, does it give you the option of "Enable".?

  scooby43 12:22 17 Jun 2005

I had this problem maybe my thread can be useful to ur problem.
click here

  jamesy74 13:08 17 Jun 2005

Joe R

Yes it does

  jamesy74 13:21 17 Jun 2005


I can't download that patch can't connect to the net.

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