Loads of programs will not start

  BeefSquisher 18:39 11 Aug 2017

Today a serious amount of programs on my pc once activated either will not load with no response, or returned the error message "[program] has stopped working". Included in these programs are the nvidia control panel/geforce experience, my antivirus (including the uninstall), microsoft office and all games I own. When trying to reinstall geforce etc. the install would also not run at all. Initially there would be a drop in framerate in game then my monitors would seemingly lose connection to the pc, while the audio still played. There was an error message sound but of course I couldn't see it. I later noticed GeForce would not open. A system restore brought me back to where I still had the same problems, but in addition Chrome and Discord weren't working, now I'm in the point I initially described. Are there any suggestions of what I can do?

  BeefSquisher 22:40 13 Aug 2017

Aye well of course I'm not generally downloading that kind of thing, and I uninstalled it right after that, but honestly when things are like this I just do anything that could maybe slightly help. Is this the point I should give up and just take it to a professional?

  wee eddie 00:52 14 Aug 2017

Have you tried uninstalling all the Programs that are not essential to your day to day operation.

And then using something like CCleaner to scan the Registry

  BeefSquisher 02:52 14 Aug 2017

Having done that, there is still no change I can see.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 14 Aug 2017

AppVIsvSubsystems32.dll is missing

click here

  BeefSquisher 14:56 14 Aug 2017

Yes I tried that, the repair ran into an error 30034-4

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