loading xp on hdd

  Space Aware 02:31 04 Sep 2006

I'm trying to load windows xp on a formated hdd.
I'm having to boot from the cd rom with the win xp disc.
Each time i start the process, it freezes with no keyboard or mouse response.
but the process gets one step further, then freezes again.
Right now I'm at the stage of loading the windows files, with a percent progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
This keeps freezing.
So I switch of the pc. Re-start, boot from cd, and get to the same or nearly the same place as the previous attempt.
I've got this stage 8 or 9 times now, but dont want to keep going, in case I fry the psu or the mobo.

Any ideas?
Many Thanx in advance :-)

  Lozzy 03:12 04 Sep 2006
  Space Aware 03:16 04 Sep 2006

Lozzy, Sorry, didnt understand that page. Was it a kind of self help page? I've been on microsodt help for hours now, and cant find anything relevant!

  Clint2 04:40 04 Sep 2006

click here may help

  Space Aware 08:05 04 Sep 2006

Thanx Clint, Certainly awnsered some questions re formating and partitions, however it doesnt explain the freezing!
Still need help guys! :-)

  Space Aware 09:20 04 Sep 2006

click here

OK this is a picture of the screen where it all frezzes.
I can only get to 94%.

Thanx again :-)

  Clint2 09:56 04 Sep 2006

As I understand it, you should go for a re-format and fresh install of XP from your windows cd.

Your problem may be that your hdd is pre formatted. Others will correct me if I am wrong.

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