Loading Windows On newly formatted disk

  Farleyjim 08:57 29 Jul 2004

I've just reformatted a 20ghz hard disc and am having difficulty loading Windows 2000 on it. I formatted using a windows 98se startup floppy by typing "format c: /s" and everything seemed to be ok. When it had finished and I typed SETUP with Windows 2000CD, it told me that neither D or E were valid drives. Going back to look at the directory of the newly formatted C drive I see there is just one file: Command.com when I would expect to see the system files copied from the floppy disc. Have I missed something or am I just being a dork?

  anchor 09:13 29 Jul 2004

I have no experience with Win-2K and do not know if the CD is bootable, but try this:

Boot with your Win98SE floppy, place the Win2K CD in the CD Rom drive, then type E:
This should give you access to the CD. (Typing dir should show you the contents of the disc you inserted). If you then type setup or setup.exe hopefully this will start the setup procedure.

  bob's 09:21 29 Jul 2004

I did it before and you have to use the Windows 2000 boot disks(four in total) after formatting it on the Windows 98 boot disk.Just download the win 2000 boot disks.

  seedie 09:27 29 Jul 2004

Can you boot from the CD?

Go into BIOS and set first boot device to be CDROM


  temp003 09:50 29 Jul 2004

The W2k CD is bootable, and if your CDROM and BIOS support booting from CD, you should do that.

You should not have used the format c: /s command anyway. Just format c: will do (if you're happy with FAT32 file system). You don't really want the 98 system files on C. Installing w2k on to C now will possibly give you a dual boot menu even though you don't have a 98 installation.

I don't know why your computer says neither D nor E is a valid drive. Did you start with CDROM support?

In any event, try the following. Remove the 98 floppy. Turn on computer and insert CD. If your computer supports booting from the CDROM and BIOS is set correctly, normally you will see a message saying booting from CD. If it says Press any key to boot from CD, just press a key on the keyboard. If you miss it the first time, restart and try again.

If it seems to boot from the hard disk, restart computer and as soon as it starts POST, go into BIOS Setup, and find the option (can be Boot order, boot devices, boot priority). If CDROM is available as a boot device, set it to boot as first boot device, before the hard disk. Save changes and exit BIOS. Computer will restart, and with CD inserted, you should be able to enter w2k Setup.

Once in Setup, press Enter to go into w2k Setup. F8 to accept agreement. You will be asked where to install w2k. If there is only one hard disk and one partition, the C drive is automatically highlighted. Press Enter to install w2k.

If you get a warning about some previous Windows installation being there (because of the 98 system files), just confirm that you want to install w2k to C.

You will be given formatting options. You should choose to format it again, because it's got 98 system files on, and it's now in FAT32.

You should choose Format with NTFS File System. It works better with w2k.

After formatting, files will be copied to C drive. Computer needs to restart. Leave CD in, but when it restarts, do not boot from CD but let it boot from hard disk. Continue with installation.

If your computer cannot boot from CD, you can create the 4 w2k boot floppies from the w2k CD. Browse the CD on another computer. If the computer has 98 or ME on it, find the file makeboot.exe on the CD and double click it. You will be prompted to insert the floppies one by one.

If the other computer has w2k or XP on, double click the file makebt32.exe.

Alternatively you can download and create the 4 floppies for w2k pro at click here

Then restart computer with Floppy 1 inserted. You will be asked to change to the other floppies one by one, and then the CD itself. Continue as before.

  Farleyjim 10:38 29 Jul 2004

Thank you all.
I'll try these suggestions when I get home from work today

  Farleyjim 20:19 29 Jul 2004

I reformatted C without the /s and changed the order of boot sequence booting from CD frirst and Windows loaded perfectly. Thanks to all you experts.

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