loading software that needs IE6 on to winows ME

  [DELETED] 18:58 23 Jan 2004

i'm trying to load some new software onto my PC (running ME) however when starting the installation process it says it needs to load outlook explorer6 first, but i'm sure i've read somwhere/been told that outlook explorer6 b*gggers ME up and the two aren't compatible.
at present i use MS outlook XP. which is fine but i do really want tho use software on my Pc.
anyone got any ideas / help?

  [DELETED] 19:16 23 Jan 2004

Does this help?
click here

  britto 20:04 23 Jan 2004

I have been using express 6 with ME since it was released with no problems,just the same number of crashes as before.

  [DELETED] 20:10 23 Jan 2004

Now on XP-Pro, but used IE6 with ME for ages without problems.

  [DELETED] 13:23 31 Jan 2004


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