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  denali 13:48 03 Mar 2003

My son and I split the difference and bought XP Upgrade to install on both our PC's.
When loaded on my sons we were told you have to activate within a thirty day period.
Could some one please tell me if an XP disk can only be installed on one system?.
Thanks lads!. I just know some one will have the answer

  anchor 13:51 03 Mar 2003

I don`t have XP, but I am sure that is the case.

  King Diamond 13:54 03 Mar 2003

It's supposed to only go on one machine. I'm sure it does not let you load it on two due to the activation. I might be wrong.

Can it not be installed without activating it?

Maybe if you activate the two at the same time, you might get away with it, lol!


Contact microsoft and say your product key does not work, they will give you another. You will have to keys now and it might work that way. Just put in two different addresses.

  powerless 14:16 03 Mar 2003

It's one license - to the one machine.

So you can only have it one the one computer. When you activate XP it sends a string of code which relates to the hardware in your machine.

The other computer you have will generate another code so MS will know the same copy of XP is on another machine.

Also if you change the hardware in your machine your asked to activate again. A few changes though. So if you just change your graphics card it wont ask to Reactivate.

  alcudia 16:35 03 Mar 2003

When you Install XP it will cease to work after thirty days if you do not activate it.
Details of your machine and hardware are passsed to MS at the time of activation and an ativation code is generated for that XP disc which will only work on the one machine. If you try to activate an installation from the same disc on another machine this will be recognised and activation will be refused.
You may also find yourself accused of attempted piracy, so be careful.
Also if you make a few changes to your hardware etc. XP may have to be activated again.
If in the future you chuck your existing machine away and buy a new one, the XP disc you now have will not activate. It is simply one disc to one machine, period.

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