loading drivers for usb scanner

  lazypicker 11:25 15 Aug 2003

I have recently reloaded windows 98se on to a new hard drive in my pc all is fine but I cannot get windows to load the drivers correctly for my film scanner I have tried all ways I can think of but I still get the same error message that scanner connection cannot be confirmed when I go into device manager it tells me that the drivers are not loaded so I do this manually using the install drivers prompt even though I have the manufacturers disc The stupid machine tells me that it cannot find the driver and asks me to use the windows disc this is a complete waste of time as it can't find anything there either if anybody has experienced this problem please let me know or if anyone has any ideas what is going on I would be most gratefull.......Chris

  temp003 12:09 15 Aug 2003

Usually a scanner comes with extra software, and the procedure usually is install the software first before connecting the scanner to the USB port, although it may vary from model to model.

Try this. Connect your scanner. Then go to Device Manager, find the problematic item and uninstall it. Remove scanner from USB connection. Then restart computer.

Back in 98, if you have installed the scanner software already, uninstall the software completely. Restart.

Back in 98, reinstall the software. Restart if necessary. Then connect the scanner, see if it works.

If it doesn't work, or if you've tried, tell us the brand and model name of your scanner, and someone else might be able to givemore specific help.

  Megatyte 12:19 15 Aug 2003

Further to what temp003 instructed, when you re-install the drivers, do it from setup.exe on your scanner disk.


  lazypicker 12:20 15 Aug 2003

thanks for the feedback but unfortunately I have tried this about 4 times for information the scanner is a Minolta Scan Dual 11 and when I installed it before on my old drive I had no problem at all,it just loaded the set up off the disc and it was there,don't these things just wind you up!! thanks for the response.......Chris

  Megatyte 12:27 15 Aug 2003

Is your USB active?


  lazypicker 14:12 18 Aug 2003

yes according to the bios settings!!

  Megatyte 16:54 18 Aug 2003

Do you have any other USB devices you can test the ports with?


  woodchip 17:06 18 Aug 2003

Go to add remove programs and remove the scanner, then go to find files look for scanner by name and remove all folders and files that are for scanner. then Right click My Computer/ Properties/Device Manager starting at the bottom of the list remove all USB. Before you Reboot unplug scanner, when windows starts it will reconfigure the USB ports, do not plug the scanner in until it's done, then plug scanner in at which point the Found New Hardware Wizard will pop up you must cancel the wizard until it as gone away, then load Scanner software CD, load scanner software and it should load the drivers and configure the port all together, you mat have to reboot

  Megatyte 17:29 18 Aug 2003

Also try the latest drivers(ver. 1.0.3) from

click here


  Paranoid Android 18:15 18 Aug 2003

It sounds daft, but try another USB port (make sure you've installed the drivers first.)

Problems from one port often don't carry across to the others.


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