a load of trouble

  Rennaissance 16:22 18 Feb 2004

Right here goes. My cpu is 100% all thetime when i try and meddle with this avi file which i think contains a virus or something. I cannot delete it no matter what, it says being used by another program so i check task manager and no suspicious files are there. 100% is used by explorer.exe So i decide to boot into dos via a boot disk and delete it off there. but it seems to think the C: drive is an MS RAM DRIVE. It also said it cant find a fat32 partition as mine is NTFS. Dos the windows 98 boot disk only work with fat32? So i cant delete it. Also, in dos in windows, i type in cd c:\, and i get there. then i try to access a directory called documents and settings and i use the command 'cd c:\documents and settings\' it doesnt work because i have done something wrong. Does anyone know what i should put instead of the spaces? Sorry for long post. Thanks for any help given. Need help as soon as possible.

  anon1 16:28 18 Feb 2004

Check the properties of the file you are trying to delete and make sure it is not set to read only.

  Quiller. 16:37 18 Feb 2004

I take it you are using windows x\p.

A windows 98 boot disk will not see a hard drive that is NTFS file format. It will see the C:\ drive as the ram drive because it can not see your hard drive ( NTFS).

If and only if you are using X\P. Go to start - run, type msconfig and enter. Now pick the start up tab at the top right. Now pick the disable all tab and then the apply button. Pick the option then to restart.

Now go back and try and delete the files. This should be successful. You can then go back and enable the start up tabs.

  Rennaissance 16:40 18 Feb 2004

hi bsod. i am using windows xp pro, which boot disk can i get that will see ntfs? will try your suggestion.

  Quiller. 16:54 18 Feb 2004

You could try the file recovery disk from click here. This May get you in?

The windows 2000 and X\P disks are setup disks. I am unsure if they would have the utilities you require. I would think that they are the same as the X\P c\d disk start up files.

  Rennaissance 17:04 18 Feb 2004

hi bsod can you just tell me quickly how i access a directory in dos with a space in between the name?

  Rennaissance 17:23 18 Feb 2004

hello. i can now get past the spaces, by using the cmd.exe program instead of command. But now the path is too long to fit on one line, does anyone know how i can get past this?

  Rennaissance 17:54 18 Feb 2004

HELP>. more trouble now. I just restarted and now my right and left mouse buttons wont work. The file still hasn't been deleted. I think the program which is said is using the avi file is explorer thats why i cannot delete it even insafe mode or without no startup items or anything. Help please.

  LABRAX1 18:18 18 Feb 2004

I found a program for deleteing files that won't delete. It is called process explorer. click here It is a free program.
Windows is sometimes using a file and won't let go of it (especially video files).
You copy the name of the file and search for it in process explorer. When it finds references to it in the top window, you click on the reference and it will highlight it in the bottom window. Just right click on the file and close handle. do this for all references if there are more than one.
NOW you can delete the file. No rebooting required

  Rennaissance 18:33 18 Feb 2004

thanks LABRAX, but i have managed to delete it using cmd.exe command interface. will also keep that program just in case.

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