Load time testing needed please...

  Ben Avery 12:35 04 Dec 2003


I've redesigned my site recently and tested no end of ways to preload images, reduce image sizes etc etc for faster loading between pages.

I've finally settled on a "preloading images" index page which loads all the images & backgrounds the main site uses BEFORE the site's home page loads.

I have tested it on my PC here (4xPC's sharing a 512Kb freeserve connection) and also on my home PC & laptop (600Kb NTL connection) and both load up the index page and forward me on in a matter of seconds (perfect!).

However, I'd like some tests run by you guys on various connection speeds and see your results.

I tested it on my laptops modem (running at a mere 30Kb at the time) and it took around 1.5mons to load (not so perfect), yet when I browsed the site, the pages loaded cleanly and smoothly and make it seem worth the wait.

What do you guys and galls think?

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while I'm waiting for it to load ,2 minutes so far it all looks quite good but you could maybe put in a little more content to be going on with.

OK. 2minutes 30 seconds,then as you say it all comes in fairly quickly.

I have a dreadfully slow connection so I wouldnt say its any slower that usual, but i'm not sure the preloading gives much advantage especially as the backgrounds use the same picture so it would reload quickly anyway.

ps. I'm not so sure about the background being the best choice when it comes to legibility but the site as a whole looks well laid out.

  Ben Avery 14:08 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for your testing.

I agree that the preload screen could be more "entertaining"(?) for dialup users, as noted, on my PC's it can't even be READ before it's finished.

Believe me, it gives a great advantage when flicking between pages. The top banner expecially seemed to be the slowest loading on the older site and so the page looked "wrong" for a few seconds on each load. Not good!

Maybe I'll add a few jokes on it, a little entertainment...idea's welcome people!


  Ben Avery 14:12 04 Dec 2003


What I think you have to remember is that, the images which preload into your "temporary internet files" folder on my index page, will HAVE to load up sooner or later, I'd personally prefer to wait and enjoy the site when I see it, than keep waiting for short periods of time on each and every page.

Does anybody agree?

What would YOU prefer?

Subsequent load times should however be faster (assuming you haven't cleared out your TIF folder since).

  tomleady 17:40 04 Dec 2003

i think you need to have a medium of some pre-loading, and others just loading up with the page.

looking at the file sizes of your pics, mainly the top banner, and the text moving thingy, the sizes arent horrid. they will take bout 5 secs each on a 56k. less probably.

what other images are there?
oh sorry, apart from the background. but thats not much.

luckily at the moment i'm on a T1 connection,and its a demon! but i get annoyed with preloading things, unless they are a flash plugin.

by the way, it looks very smart, so well done!

  Ben Avery 18:45 04 Dec 2003

Cheers mate! Always like a little praise!


Image list consists of the following:

"Images/worship.jpg" (Banner)

"Images/leah.jpg", (Contact Photo)

"Images/ben.jpg", (Contact Photo)

"Images/watchtower.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/authorised.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/background.jpg", (Background)

"Images/construction.gif", (Getafix Gif)

"Images/contact.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/downloads.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/ebay.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/home.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/isaiah.jpg", (Background)

"Images/links.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/scriptures.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/search.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/wedding.jpg", (Banner)

"Images/wedding.gif", (Animated Gif)

"Images/worship.gif", (Animated Gif)

"Images/watchtower.gif", (Animated Gif)

"Images/logo.gif", (Animated Gif)

"Images/google.gif", (Search Gif)

"Images/altavista.gif", (Search Gif)

"Images/adobe_medium.gif", (Small Gif Image)

"Images/adode_small.gif", (Small Gif Image)

"Images/word_medium.gif", (Small Gif Image)

"Images/word_small.gif", (Small Gif Image)

"Images/google_safe.gif", (Search Gif)

"Images/msn.gif", (Search Gif)

"Images/yahoo.gif", (Search Gif)

"Images/01.jpg"-"Images/10.jpg", (Navigation Buttons)

"Images/01_on.jpg"-"Images/10_on.jpg" (Navigation Rollover Images)


As you can see, the images are all pretty standard so I wouldn't know which ones to remove!


  tomleady 10:10 05 Dec 2003

yeah, you have a fair few images there Ben!

But looking at your site, i think it would be fine it they loaded normally.

i'm going hoem this weekend, so i'll give it a try on my mums 56k (it claims!) modem, and i'll let you know.


  tomleady 09:46 08 Dec 2003

had a look at the weekend for you. the loading took about 3 mins. but becuase i was watching it, and wasnt doing anything else, it seemed to take an age. but everything did load very quick after that.


  Ben Avery 09:51 08 Dec 2003

3 mins!

I tried it agaion on my laptop connecting at 31K and it took 2½ mins so I can live with that!

I'm going to have to find something more entertaining for the initial page I think though, just to keep the interest alive.

Thinking cap going on...


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